Treead株式会社様 夫婦セッション開催!

It's been a little over a year since Treead株式会社 contracted my company to run a Working Mothers program for the mothers in the company.

The program is available for all mothers in the company as well as for women whose husbands are employed by the company.
Once a month Yu, our ISFP trainer, has been conducting sessions for the mothers to help them to develop their own self-awareness as well as to create a safe space for the mothers to share with other mothers.

At the same time the husbands have also been deepening their own self-awareness through Company trainings.

On Sunday, the company sponsored its first couples session. There were even children and babies in attendance 😊

While the type trainings have focused on learning about type differences an integral part of the training has been to help participants to express their own feelings and thinking, which is not a skillset particularly encouraged in Japan.

And so we saw the fruit of all the previous sessions as the couples successfully navigated some very difficult conversations through the language of Type.
We are currently discussing plans for the next couples session.

ツリード株式会社様へのワーキングマザー・プログラム導入から、1年余りが経ちました。 このプログラムは、社内のお母様である女性社員全員とご主人が会社勤めの方が対象です。








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